Frequently Asked Questions


Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions page, here you will find answers to some of the most common questions that students have about studying at our campus. Whether you are interested in our academic programmes, facilities, scholarships and student life, we hope you will find the information you need here. If you have a question that is not answered on this page, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you.


You will have face-to-face lectures and tutorials or workshops every week. For some modules, you will also have study sessions in the computer labs. You will be expected to prepare for your weekly classes by accessing the module material on the course digital learning site.

The lecturers are hired locally and internationally and meet the same standards as the staff at the home campuses.

This depends on the course, and the courses will include lectures, tutorials in small groups and labs.

You can finish the dual undergraduate course in three years.

Yes, our courses has obtained ministry approval by passing an equivalency test that confirms that all dual bachelor degrees offered at the Bandung campus are equal to a Sarjana degree from a local Indonesian university.

Yes, you can choose to study a semester at Deakin in Australia, and/or Lancaster in the UK. We will consider transfer applications, but you can only get a dual degree if you study at the Bandung Campus. If you transfer, you will only get one degree.

We usually suggest that students do Study Abroad in the second-last year (year 2 of the dual degree). You can spend one semester at Lancaster and another semester at Deakin.


Yes, you can apply directly by clicking the Apply Now

To join the dual bachelor degree programme, you need to have an IB or A-Levels certificate if you are from Indonesia. If you don't have these certificates, you need to take a Foundation Studies programme that will help you improve your academic skills and English language skills for the dual degree programme. The entry requirements are designed to make sure that you are ready for the challenging dual degree programme from highly ranked universities and that you meet the standards of both home campuses.

You can find the tuition fees for the Business and Information Technology course on the respective Course pages

Go to Navitas website to find out how to become a contracted agent.


The campus is in Bandung West Java. We will announce the exact location soon!

The campus building has spaces for studying and socialising, a library and computer labs for general use. There is also an outdoor area for social activities. Near the campus, you can find medical and dental clinics, a Mosque, cafes, restaurants, ATMs and other services. Bandung is a city that welcomes students and has a large student community, so you can enjoy many student-friendly amenities.

Student service

We will cooperate with local accommodation providers to help you find a suitable place to stay.

We will help you develop your skills for getting a job (e.g. writing a resume, creating a personal brand and profile). We will also connect you with local employers, businesses and companies that have job opportunities for graduates.